Computer Services

computer inside

Troubleshooting & Repair, Hardware Setup

We will setup your new computer, and diagnose and repair your existing ailing desktop or laptop and provide a replacement computer if required.

computer ugrades- hardware, software

Hardware and Software Upgrades

If you feel your computer is slowing down and no longer performing as it used to, we can increase your computer’s memory or provide a higher capacity hard drive. We can also upgrade your computer with a better video card, or DVD R/W. We can also install or upgrade your software and troubleshoot what might be causing problems.

email and internet setup

E-mail and Internet Setup

If you are experiencing problems with your email, or internet access, we can resolve your problems and provide training to help you use them.

computer security

Internet Security and Virus Protection

If you are concerned with your internet browsing security, we offer virus removal and protection. We have tools to install the latest in virus protection.

computer networking


If you need to share files, you need our expertise to network your computers. We can also help you to share your internet connection with multiple computers.

burned computer

Data Backup

Half of businesses do not recover or reopen after a critical data loss. Your comptuer does not have to fail for you to loose data. Fire or theft can wipe out your data. We can provide you with the right equipment to safeguard your electronic data.